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Keep Kids Playing

Calling for your images and videos!Want to be featured on our site? We want you, too! All the details on how to apply inside... Kindhood Hooded Poncho Towels for Kids and Toddlers: Keep kids moving and playing our hooded poncho towels perfect for the beach, camping, hiking, swimming. or after bath. They have so many adventures to take and games to play. Kindhoods for Kind Childhoods

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Checklists for Traveling with Kids

When traveling with kids, packing the essentials ahead of time is important for a stress-free time!Β Here are 3 checklists of your must-haves for the beach, for skiing, and for camping...

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Fun, Unique Gifts for Toddlers and Kids Christmas 2021

Kindhood Holiday 2021 Gift Guides: Did you miss these last month?Β  It was CRAZY last month, and now we're looking at the home stretch for shopping and preparing to give to our loved ones this year. Here's a refresher on our guide as you check off the final elements of your holiday shopping list with picks that can stuff stockings for infants and toddlers, and will absolutely dazzle when unwrapped from under the tree.

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