Spring Edition!

Spring is a magical season!

The world is growing, flowers are blooming, and life is booming all around. Everything seems more possible, even magic. 

With the right outdoor games, you can make enchanting memories with your children that you'll talk about for years to come!

Game 1: The Quest

The game starts with a formal knighting ceremony, where you'll declare your children as Knights of the Round Table (boys and girls are both allowed!).

Once they are knighted, solemnly give them their mission: to find key artifacts hidden in the yard and return them to Camelot.

But there is a twist! The final item is a delicious treat (like popsicles!) that a scary water dragon is guarding. Your kids will have to gear up for battle with the dreaded Water Hose. Once they best the watery foe with their sweet moves, they earn the reward! 

You can maximize this quest by having them tell their tales of bravery at the dinner table that night, too!

Game 2: The Swan Lake

Kids love music and haven't developed a crippling social anxiety about their dance moves yet. Lean into that confidence (and maybe learn a thing a or two!).

Get your Bluetooth speakers out, and start blasting that Swan Lake music. Then turn on your sprinkler, creating a magical water wave for your little dancers to perform their firebird leaps and jetés. 

Once the ballet performance is over, you can switch up the tunes for a backyard water rave with your kids' favorite genres. 

Game 3: The Classic 

WATER BALLOON FIGHTS! They're a classic for a reason. Your kids will learn the joy of carefully creating a balloon stockpile and then using it all in a glorious frenzy!

After the fight is over, take the opportunity to teach your kids about accountability and environmentalism. Explain to them the importance of cleaning up after yourself, and work together to pick up all the balloon remnants from the field of battle. 

Game 4: The Good Witch

After all this water fun, you'll want a game to play while the little ones dry off. Dress them up in a hooded towel (like Kindhood ponchos!) so they can keep moving while they dry.

Then give everyone a bubble wand, and let them loose! You can all pretend that each bubble is a wish. If they yell their wish as they pop a bubble, it may come true!

If you listen close enough, you'll learn what is on your kids' hearts and minds, and you may even be able to plan more fun days for the future!

If your kids (somehow) have any excess energy, end the evening with a wishing dance that all of you perform while holding hands! 


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