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Kindhood Luxury Poncho Infant Towels

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Cotton?

Soft: The most surprising aspect of our bamboo cotton material is how soft and delicate it feels against your child’s skin.
Antibacterial: One of the most amazing aspects of bamboo is that bacteria doesn’t survive well in this fabric. Wet towels tend to develop odor from fast growing bacteria. Bamboo dries quickly so bacteria can’t thrive. Our bamboo and cotton hooded poncho towels continually smell fresh and clean.
UV Protection: Bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays (UPF40). Your littles can keep playing without the need of extra sunblock.
Sensitive: Towels can be harsh and abrasive against many delicate skin types, but because our bamboo cotton material is so soft, it doesn’t affect /sensitive skin.
Moisture Wicking: Bamboo cotton is super absorbent – your little one won’t get that soggy towel feeling when wearing a poncho. It wicks away moisture and dries quickly, making it more comfortable to wear.
Temperature Control: Bamboo is a hollow microfiber, which makes it warm yet breathable. Your child won’t overheat while wearing one of our cover-ups.
Hypoallergenic: Bamboo cotton is a hypoallergenic material, which means that it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other materials. This makes bamboo cotton towels a good choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
Durability: Bamboo cotton towels are known for their durability. The fibers of bamboo cotton are strong and long-lasting, so towels made from this material may hold up better over time than towels made from other materials.
Eco-friendly: Bamboo cotton is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires little water and no pesticides, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than other materials. Additionally, bamboo cotton can be biodegradable, which means it will break down naturally over time.


What is each poncho made of?

Each Kindhood poncho is made from 70% sustainable bamboo fiber and 30% cotton blend. Ponchos feature an ultra-soft, absorbent, and quick-drying terrycloth interior; a hood for warmth and protection; and a pouch pocket for your littles to keep their hands warm, snacks safe, and seashell collections secure.

Are ponchos machine washable?

These bamboo and cotton hooded towel ponchos are machine washable. We recommend you wash once before first use to maximize absorbency.

Machine wash separately in cold water. Tumble dry on medium heat. Do not bleach.

What are the dimensions of each size and what age ranges does each fit?

•   Large - 26” w x 28” h ages 7-8
•   Medium - 24” w x 24” h ages 4-6
•   Small - 20” w x 20” h ages 2-3
•   Extra-Small - 18” w x 20” h ages 12-24 months
•   Infant towel - 32" x 32" ages 0-24 months

Dimensions represent the body of the poncho and do not include the hood.

How do your gift boxes work?

When you select Gift Box shipping at checkout, we package your ponchos (no more than 2 larges or 3 infant towels) into this brown cardboard box with a beautiful Kindhood logo on the front. We also include the packing slip and branded Kindhood sticker that can be placed over the spot where we enclose the box for shipping, so everything looks nice and pristine for presenting to your giftee! The Gift Box (pictured here) is an additional $5 on top of our standard shipping rate. 

Kindhood Gift Box

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