Hacks for a Fun Bath Time

As parents and caretakers, we know that some things just do not mix. 

Scissors and tag? Big no.
Candy and bedtime? Disaster.
Bath time and toddlers? Cue crying (and not just by the little ones). 

Whether your kids hate bath time or if you're looking for a way to liven up their routine, we have the tips and tricks to make bathing better for everyone! 

1. Make It Musical!  

Music adds more than a good beat to bath time. 

Since a bath already invokes touch, smell and sight, music also brings in the hearing sense! This is great for toddlers that need extra incentives to wash. 

Music also brings positive associations from other playtimes into the tub. Bonus points if you play songs from their fave aquatic movie, like the Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo!

2. Bombs Away! 

If your kids are scared of the water itself, a bath bomb can transform it from scary to magical!

You can teach your kids some magic words to say while tossing the bath bomb in to make them feel like their favorite wizard or fairy. 

Plus, bath bombs have so much variety for kids nowadays! You can get ones filled with secret toys, shaped like dinosaur eggs, or scented like bubblegum online or at your local store. 


3. Mirror, Mirror in the Tub!

Bubble beards and mohawks are fun, but the kids can't even see them!

Here at Kindhood HQ, we remember trying to see our bubbly creations in the distorted silver reflection of the tub's faucet.

Bring a handheld mirror into the tub so they can see their foamy creations in all their glory! 

4. Sweeten the Deal! 

Since you are cleaning your little angel anyways, you can offer them messier - and therefore rarer - treats so they go willingly into that great tub.

A popsicle, for example, may be too sticky to be an every day occurrence. But it won't matter if it drips in the tub, and those sticky little hands will be cleaned in no time.  

 As kids come to associate tub time with their favorite treat, they may even start to request extra baths! (Mama can dream, right?)

5. Dry and Fly! 

As winter approaches, your little ones may become more reluctant to jump into the water. Sure the water is warm, but then they have to get out into the cold air! No fun. 

If you remember ever huddling in a towel-wrapped ball until you dried off, you'll understand.

Kindhood ponchos solve this problem and more! With less effort and time, our hooded towels will whisk away moisture. Your little ones can move onto their next activity, like brushing their teeth or dancing in circles, while our super-soft and quick-drying bamboo cotton fabric does the rest. 

This means your little ones will dry faster, move quicker, and dread the tub less, even in the winter. 



Our Kindhood ponchos will also make future trips to the beach and water park more convenient, fun, and fashionable!



To keep it all fun and games, make sure you are practicing basic tub safety practices! Need a refresher? Check out our article on Toddler Tub Safety

XO Kindhood 


P.S. Share YOUR favorite tub tips and tricks with other Kindhood parents in the comments below! 

P.P.S. Check out the fun designs featured in this article here! 



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