Boating Games & Checklist

Happy July, Water-Fam! 

Like us, you probably see the summertime heat as the perfect excuse to escape to the water. Oceans, pools, sprinklers - we love them all. 

But boating on the open water holds a special place in our heart.

The speed!
The wind!
The swimming! 

If you're preparing to take your little ones on the open water, we've got the fun games and necessity checklist you need. You're welcome, boo. 


Let's face it, boating already requires a lot of equipment. For games, you're going to want some non-physical, easy-to-play ones up your sleeve. 
We love the classics at Kindhood. 
Rock, paper, scissors will keep little hands busy and the boat filled with giggles as your kids play with each other or with you. If they start to look bored, spice it up with adding a "dynamite," "fire," or "fish" symbol into the game. You may be accused of cheating at first, but eventually they'll have fun making their own rules! 
I-Spy can also be fun, but we advise that you only play it if you have plenty of colorful items on the boat itself. Otherwise, you'll be guessing a lot of "water" for blue and "clouds" for white!
You can also use your boat games to cultivate a love of wildlife in your kids.
Bird-watch with them to teach them the difference between a heron and a seagull. If the water is clear enough (or if you have a fish-finder on board), you can also work on your kids' counting skills by counting fish
If you have space to pack physical toys, then plastic fishing poles for kids are always a favorite for kids who like spending time with their parents and grandparents. If you're going on an evening trip, then a packet of neon glow sticks are just the ticket. They're a fashion accessory! They're a makeshift sword! They help you keep an eye on your little one at all times! 

Boating Checklist

Listen, we know getting your little ones to the corner grocery store is chore enough, let alone on a boat! Here's a handy-dandy checklist of the boating basics to make things a little easier on you:**
 Life Vests
 Bottles of Water
 Snacks (ex: nuts, fruit, granola bars)
 Bag (for loose items)
 Waterproof Toys
 Any required medication (in case the trip runs long!)
** Psst - hey you! You can interact with the checklist in your browser. Check off items as you pack them! 
For towels, we're partial to our Kindhood ponchos. Not only do they dry your kids, they also have hoods and a bamboo/cotton fabric that provides extra sun protection. We love a multi-tasking product! 
Heading to the store to stock up on sunscreen and sunglasses? We've already done the research for you! Check out our sun protection article on the dos, don'ts, and FDA recommendations for sun safety. 
We hope you have the best boating time! Any boat games that are traditions in your family? What's on your boating checklist? Let us know in the comments below! 


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