A Note of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from Kindhood 2022

Hey, you! 

   We are sending gratitude over the interweb strands, hoping you're having a day full of sweet time with your loved ones, with a belly full of your favorites, with the hope and excitement of a final calendar month chock full of wonderful, sparkly plans.

    We do know, though, the holidays can be bittersweet (and sometimes, down right bitter). So more than anything, we wish you a day full of grace, of rest, of peace. Even if none of the food turned out right, even if the family is fighting, even if everything feels hard, we hope you feel the warmth of love and gratitude in your heart. Turn down the pressure as much as you can control, and pause to breathe and reflect.

    And know that you are loved, beautiful, and full of your own unique brand of kindness.

Keep it moving through the world, we are so grateful for it and for you.

XO, Kindhood


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