Foster Lasting Kindness in the Every Day

Shhh! I'll let you in on a little secret. Kindness is a superpower.

One act of kindness can change a heart. One changed heart then performs countless acts of kindness, transforming even more hearts!

And it all starts with you, Mom and Dad. 

Parents, it's time. Time to let your kids know their secret identities. Time to unlock new secret powers. Time for the Kindness Training to begin! 

1. Unlock the Power of Breath!  

Everyone knows a superhero needs to keep their cool. Teach your little one how to master their breathing when times are tough. 

You don't need to wait for them to be upset to start setting good practices, either. Incorporate simple breathing exercises into their bedtime routines to calm them before sleep. It will help them and you! You'll also be giving them a powerful tool for their Super Cool Utility Belts to calm down when their new superpowers (aka emotions) feel wild. 

2. Unlock the Power of Sweets!  

Superheroes need fuel to save the world!

Have your little hero help you in the kitchen for special parent bonding time. Then share the yummy results with people in your life - teachers, bus drivers, or a kid at school who is having a tough time. Plus, you get to lick the bowl with them! 

Bonus points if you make it your kid's secret assignment to pick the targets for the scrumptious packages. You'll teach them to actively look for ways to be kind. 

3. Unlock the Power of Sneak Attacks! 

Write notes of encouragement with your superhero. Then have them hide them around the house. These love notes will be a sweet surprise for whoever finds them, teaching your kid that kindness can be the best surprise. 

Unlock a new level of kindness by following the lead of Superman’s dad! He left his son crystal messages to encourage and train him. You can do the same by sneaking messages into their backpacks and lunchboxes!  

4. Unlock the Power of Words! 

Sometimes superheroes don't agree. To keep their fights from turning them into evil villains, teach them how to disagree kindly.

Model for them how to disagree with others in your relationships, including with your partner, other kids, and even friends. Use kind tones in the disagreement and end each one with "I loves you's" and big hugs! Then help your superhero-in-training to do the same thing the next time they are upset.

5. Unlock the Power of Super Hearing!   

Active listening helps in the moment and makes others feel important. 

Practicing active listening is easy! When your superhero has a secret to tell you, be fully in the moment with them. Put away your screens, turn your body towards them, and don't worry about what you'll say back. Just take in everything they're communicating, and be present.

They will learn this practice from you, and it will lead them to understand others better. It may even help them save the world! 


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