Fun, Easy Prep for July 4th!

Happy birthday, United States of America!

Fireworks, backyard grilling, and sparklers are just around the corner. To help you focus on fun, we at Kindhood have advice for some easy ways you can prepare for this year's Fourth of July! 

Go Local!

Odds are, you won't need to drive hours to find a fun, kid-friendly event. A little searching now will save you a lot of hassle on the actual Fourth of July! 

Finding local events should only take a few minutes. Do an online search, ask around the neighborhood, or search Instagram for local hashtags or community pages. 

Once you've chosen your event, you can map the area, get there early to beat traffic, and have your handy outing bag ready with sunblock, snacks, and plenty of water. 

Favorite Snacks

Red, white, and blue snacks are in abundance in stores! But if you want a healthy alternative, one of our favorite desserts is Independence themed and oh so easy!

Simply pile blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream into small bowls and VOILA! You have a festive, easy, and berry good treat. 

Prepare Your Kids for the Fireworks! 

You can turn the upcoming fireworks display into an all-day event, while also preparing your kids to enjoy the loud noises and bright lights. 

If your kid loves to think about how things work, research together how fireworks are made and some of the ways different colors are made. 

If your kid is super exuberant with a lot of energy to burn, entice them to run outside and BE a firework, letting them (safely and supervised) twirl with sparklers in hand. 

For artsy kids, setting them up with some crayons and paper is all that's needed for a fun, fireworks themed art session to fill the time until the actual event!

Safety First

While preparing your kids with fun activities, don't forget to include safety lessons. 

Kids should know to stay close to you during the fireworks display when crowds and drivers are distracted by the display. You can also recruit them to help care for any pets, who should be safely contained inside or in a dog house before the festivities so they don't run away from the loud noises. 

History Lessons

If your kids are old enough to engage in historical stories, start introducing them to the history of the United States, and why we celebrate Independence Day. 

For the younger ones, you can play the national anthem, introduce them to the stars and stripes of the American flag, and start to teach them the pledge of allegiance. You're bound to get some adorable videos of them trying to say the words "allegiance" and "indivisible" at the very least!

With these quick tips in your back pocket, you're sure to have a delightful day celebrating the birthday of the USA! 




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