Sweetest Spring Bucket List

Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the United States may one day be overturned if the Senate gets their way…

Whatever your thoughts on the idea, cherish these potentially historic days in our 2022 DST Spring. 

With sweaty summer days right around the corner, it's time to start ticking things off your Spring Bucket List. We're almost done with ours at Kindhood HQ!

Join us in checking off our final three spring plans!

Spring into . . . Play!

Take advantage of the milder weather that spring brings. Get yourself and the kids outside for some springing good fun! 

We're talking pillow case races, bunny hops, and three-legged races. Teach them all the games you made up as a kid, and make up some new ones with your littles!

At Kindhood, we're water people. So throw in some sprinkler action, or use the water from the hose as a jump rope! Then your kids can play tag while they are drying off using our fabulous Kindhood ponchos.

Spring into . . . Parties! 

Any reason for a party, right?!

The options are endless.

Make like a bunny and host a Hopping Party where everyone dresses up as an animal that springs forward and then hop-races to a finish line!
Try a "Literal Spring" Party where everyone has to find all the devices in your house that use springs. 
    There's also always the timeless Flower Power Party. Decorate cookies with frosting flowers, make daisy chains in the yard, and wear your brightest patterns!

      Let your kids help you pick the theme and plan the details. It will teach your kids event management, thematic planning, and how to help other people have fun with them! 

      Spring into . . . Cleaning!

      Hear me out on this one! Cleaning can be fun, too. This is NOT a guilt trip to scrub the tile with a toothbrush and dust the top of your doors. Instead, figure out what type of cleaning makes you feel joy.

      Do you need to blast music and vacuum patterns in the rug? Do it!
      Are you more of a deep cleaner, and that tub has been calling to you for weeks? Have at it! 
      Do you just want to fluff those darn pillows and sip coffee while reclining on them like royalty? You do you, boo.

      Bonus points if you can convince your kids that these are fun new games. Who knows, they may even LOVE scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush. 

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