Kindhood is a slow fashion, children's lifestyle brand for kids to stay moving while playing in the water, and adventuring in great outdoors.

We designed Kindhood poncho towels to provide our children with a warm, comfortable, and convenient way to dry off after swimming, bathing, or any other water activity.


Happy kids are kind kids, and we want you to be part of the adventure! 

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We keep you moving so you can keep making memories. 


We love our kids. When they emerge from playtime in the water, we want them warm and dry as quickly as possible so they can keep playing. But when you wrap them up in a towel, they're stuck. They shiver in a huddle of wet towel, unable to play, eat, or move. 

Kindhood was born from wanting better for our kids and yours. 


Our Kindhood poncho towels are designed to keep kids moving. 

They will love the freedom to play, the swishy feeling of the poncho as they twirl, and the pouch pocket for hiding secret treasures. 

You will love the intelligent design that allows your kids to be safe, warm, and healthy while they play. 

Each Kindhood poncho is made from a unique 70/30 bamboo and cotton blend, engineered to be ultra-soft, quick-drying, and uber-protective. We chose this blend for the special properties of bamboo that parents love and the soft quality of cotton that kids (and your washing machines!) love.  

Designed in California, we know the power of the sun. Bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Less harmful rays means more FUN! The hollow microfiber nature of bamboo also makes our fabric breathable, so kids don't overheat while playing in our cover-ups. 

Plus, bamboo fabric is antimicrobial. Bacteria has trouble surviving in this material because it dries so fast. Bye-bye to smelly towels, hello to fun in the sun! This means you can rest as comfortably as a kid in a Kindhood poncho knowing their ponchos are fresh and safer than alternatives. 

With the super absorbent and moisture wicking nature of bamboo cotton, we also make sure your kids don't have to suffer the feel of a soggy towel. Instead, they will be dry, warm, and comfortable as they move on to the most important thing: their next adventure.  

Here are some of the benefits of using Kindhood poncho towels:

Quick Drying:

Kindhood poncho towels are made of absorbent and quick-drying materials such as microfiber or cotton, which means they can dry off your child quickly and efficiently.


Kindhood poncho towels are designed to be easy to use, with a hood that fits over your child's head and covers their body like a robe. This makes it easy for your child to dry off and get dressed without having to hold a towel around their body.


Kindhood poncho towels are great for keeping your child warm after swimming or bathing, as they cover the entire body, including the head. This is particularly useful if you are swimming in cooler water or outside on a chilly day.


Kindhood poncho towels are often made with soft and cozy materials that feel comfortable against the skin, which can be soothing for your child after a bath or swim.

Fun Designs:

Kindhood poncho towels come in a variety of fun designs and colors that can make getting dry after a bath or swim more enjoyable for your child.

Overall, kindhood poncho towels can be a convenient, comfortable, and practical addition to your child's bathing and swimming routine.


Kindhood. Kindly Made for You.

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