New Pricing October 2023

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New Pricing Coming
October 16, 2023

Kindhood Families and current shoppers, firstly, we want to thank you for being loyal, thoughtful, and gracious customers. We always feel so much love from everyone who shops with us, and we are honored by every single purchase!

These past few years, even more so, we are grateful each time you chose to spend your money at Kindhood, because we know the financial landscape has been challenging. We have worked very hard to keep our costs down, and in turn to keep them from showing up at checkout. Now in 2023, we find it necessary to adjust our prices in order to keep Kindhood a sustainable brand that is focused on high quality accessories for your kiddos.

Kindhood BW Seaside

So, starting next week, our ponchos will be priced at $48, and our infant towels will be priced at $32. This is our first price increase in Kindhood's existence, and we do not make these changes this lightly. 

We want to thank you for reading this page, and for any future purchases you make with Kindhood. Please reach out with any questions or thoughts you may have. We look forward to more kindnesses discovered and shared with our kids and with you.

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Kindhood Ponchos

With beautiful designs to please parents and kids alike,
wearing a poncho towel has never been easier.

Kindhood ponchos provide quick dry offs that keep kids moving from beach to bath and beyond.

Effortlessly comfort and care for children without the hassle and with all the joy.

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