You've got the cute suits and the cute Kindhood; now what? What seemed simple before--a beach day!--is now a whole dang minefield--an INFANT at beach day!

It is OK, Mama, you've got this. We've put together a helpful little list of what to expect on baby's day at the beach, and the supplies to make it happen smoothly. 

Mom holds baby in a blue hooded poncho towel with the ocean and beach in the background. Mom kisses baby's forhead

1. First off, don't expect baby to get the beach right away. It's an environment full of sensory-stimulii that may or may not be new and scary to your little. Maybe instead of scary, it's exciting! So, remember to keep expectations of what the day will look like open to what really happens with your baby. And then, respond accordingly. Don't worry, you can handle it!

2. Be prepared for reactions! Baby TOTALLY will react to: the sun light, the sand, the feel of the water, the sound of the water, the sea gulls, the other people, etc. It's a lot for baby to take in, so start with a few moments of calm, of introducing the surroundings, and all the feels.

3. Give lots of down and recovery time. Since baby is taking so much in, give them time to process it. A few minutes in the surf might be all they need. If they seem excited and ready to keep engaging, then go for it. If they seem upset and overwhelmed, then give yourself permission to honor that little person's request. There is no perfect day at the beach, only a super fun, enjoyable one!

4. SAND. It's gonna happen, sand is going to get every where. It's ok. They will survive it! Mostly try to keep it out of their mouths and eyes, and then surrender to the sandy life. Once you're done, use your Kindhood poncho to keep them covered while you strip them down and wipe them off. Quick and easy!

Of course, you will need supplies. If only that weren't the case. But the most hands free we suggest is:

-A big tote. Doesn't have to be the fanciest, just has to be the hardest working.

-Sunscreen. Grab a stick or a spray on and give yourself a break from the lotion!

Beige grass basket with brown, red, and blue striped poncho towel draped over side. Basket sits on sandy beach with forest in the background

-Snacks. Lots. This is where you need to put. your. focus. Snacks will help keep baby happy. We recommend grapes, pretzels, packets; things that will do well with repelling or keeping out sand, or being rinsed off.

-Toy. A couple containers will ALWAYS keep a baby entertained. Even an empty water bottle is known to occupy the little ones for swaths of time, and won't add to your packing list. Win win!

-Kindhood. We said it already, but it will bare repeating 😉 grab an infant towel or a hooded poncho for the coziest yet airiest drying off, and the extra SPF coverage doesn't hurt! They'll be comfy and look cute while they're at it.

-Sun protective gear: hats and sunglasses. It seems kinda silly at first that babies should wear sunglasses, but even in their fresh state, their eyes can use the protection against the searing rays. Grab them from any of your favorite retailers, and enjoy the fun game of on again off again (your own beach entertainment!😂

We'd LOVE to hear your beach baby stories and tips, so share in the comment section what you love to bring to the beach (and what should stay home!) and your favorite ways to help baby enjoy these first summer beach days.

XO, Kindhood


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