Let's be real for 4 minutes--we pack our entire households, it would seem, for a day at the beach, and never do we make a dent in what we use. So we're doing the work for you in paring down the list. To just what we NEED.

We are keeping this list as SHORT as possible because heaven knows you don't need to lug MORE stuff across sand. Hot sand no less. It's so hot. We're so sweaty enough as it is thank you.

But of course, when you're taking littles to an ocean, you really do need some stuff. So we've made the list so you don't have to stress about making the list yourself. Let's save some brain power, shall we?

Stuff you really shouldn't forget to take to the beach, here we go:

1. KINDHOODS because DUH. Change them from clothes to bathing suits back to clothes without the public restroom gross out.

2. Sunscreen! because SUN. We love a spray kind and we love a mineral kind but really get yourself some sunscreen any kind and use it on those kiddos.

3. Water! because HOT. Grab your favorite reusable water bottles, fill them with ice and water and use your stern voice when they ask for juice. They'll survive. 😉

4. Snacks! because KIDS. Also Moms. and Dads. and Humans in general. Keep it simple--FOUR MAX. pick as many colors, or throw your hands up and bring all the orange carbs. We are not judging. It's a long game.

5. Entertainment! (book, toy, iPad [no judgement, guys. you do what you gotta do]) though if you can get them to deal with the entertainment of the WIDE OPEN SPACES THAT IS THE EDGE OF THE EARTH then good for you mama!! Ignore this bullet point and move on!

6. Gear! (Sun shirts, wake boards, tent, bluetooth speaker, drinks cooler). This is where you'll lose the point and bring your household. So keep it limited to shoes, clothes (if you feel you need the change of clothes), the tent (if you really need it) and the cooler. Any other equipment, make your 5+ age kids carry what they want. Mama has her hands full.

7. Wagon! This should have been point 2. But we've got mom brain. This makes everything else seem much easier. It's a luxury, but so is a working back, supposedly.

That's IT. Of course, this list is editable,  and comment below if you have real bones to pick with us about what we forgot to add or subtract (use all the kind language of course, that's kind of our big thing here).

And ENJOY it as much as you can. And if you can't enjoy a day in the hot sun praying your children will just entertain themselves while running around endlessly, then buy yourself an ice cream cone and make your kids dig a lot of holes. Jk Jk...sort of.

Let's keep our kids moving!

XO, Kindhood


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