Your "Back to School" Basics

School is in session!

We know the "back to school" season can feel so crazy. Everyone is pulling you in a million different directions, all with their own list of needs a mile long. Talk about overwhelming.

So here are our tips for streamlining all the To Dos so you can save enough time to sit with your coffee a liiiitle longer in the morning . . . 

Ease into the New Bedtime Routine

Been on vacay mode? So have your kids. While it may be tempting to switch to a school bedtime on the first day, we recommend shifting into school mode gradually.
Use the first couple of weeks to get those kiddos back in the swing of things with small changes. Shift bedtime earlier each day by five (5), ten (10), or fifteen (15) minute increments. When possible, we've found starting this process two weeks before school let's you shift that wake time incrementally, too, for best results. 
The gradual method will limit the amount of bedtime grumpies, which is nice for them and amazing for you. 

Stock Up! 

Whether you know it or not, the first month of school is going to fly by at warp speed. Do yourself a BIG favor, and stock up on your lists as soon as you can.
Do you have a list of snacks you usually buy? Grab a month's worth. 
A list of craft supplies for when your kids run out? Throw them in the cart.
Did you deplete your first aid kit with summer shenanigans? Buy a month's supply now. 
We mean it! Just get these lists out of the way now, while you're already at the store. When you stock up at the beginning of the school year, you're literally gifting your future self extra time you won't need to spend making an extra grocery store run. 

You'll thank yourself later. 

Collect the Paperwork 

Don't forget your paperwork!
If you use MyChart or a similar medical records app, you can get your children's vaccination records and statements of health downloaded very simply! By downloading the documents ahead of time, you won't have to worry about forgetting a password or having a poor signal when it is crunch time. 
If you are doing it the old fashioned way, we recommend playing Monsters Inc while you search your office for the physical paperwork. Then you can have the fun experience of Roz reprimanding you to "File Your Paperwork!" 


Hug Your Kids 

Most importantly, love on your littles in all the mayhem. The back to school frenzy is also something your children are experiencing. They could experience everything from nervousness to excitement (and probably are).

A hug or pat on the back at the right time could do wonders for them! And let's be honest, parents need hugs, too. 


Do you have any back to school tricks that you swear by? Drop them in the comments below! 

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