Camping Fun for the WHOLE Family

Ah camping. A word that inspires fond memories or deep dread. 

The difference between the two relies on planning and a sense of adventure! 

We have tips and tricks to help you manage the practical so you can create the kind of memories you'll love to tell (and re-tell!) for a lifetime.

The Practical  

Here are two interact-able checklists (we mean it! Click or tap the boxes!) to keep you on track! 


 Trail mix / snacks
 Bottles of water 
 Blankets and pillows (even if you're in a cabin - trust us)
 Sweaters (even in the summer!)  
 Bug spray 
 Walking shoes 
 Toilet paper rolls + trowel 
 Back-up portable phone chargers
 Fire starters (matches, newspaper, dryer lint)
 Prongs for fire food! 
 Fire food like hot dogs, marshmallows, etc
 Wearable Glow Sticks
While this list is not exhaustive, it is a great start to make sure you are covering all your bases! 
Whistles and glow sticks are listed under optional, but we highly recommend packing them on camping trips! With so much going on during a camping trip, especially if you have more than one kid, it is a smart and fun choice to have an extra auditory and visual way to keep track of your little ones. 

The Traditions

We recommend creating traditions that are a mix of the classics and specific to your family. 

For the classics, who doesn't love telling scary stories around the campfire at night? Or if you prefer the sweet to the spooky, then a s'mores session (or three) is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! 

Almost every campground has some sort of hiking trail or local natural attraction. A quick Google search or check at the greeting center should help you note locations and times. Most outdoor areas close at sunset, so plan your activities accordingly. 

If it is summertime, we recommend looking for campgrounds with swimming holes or lakes! It's a great place to play "sharks and minnows," check out water sports like kayaking, or splash around the shallows. Throw them in one of our fashionable Kindhood ponchos so they can keep the fun moving while they dry! If you go this route, make EXTRA sure you pack that bug spray, though, as water can increase the local mosquito population.  

To inspire creating your own special traditions, look no further than your kids! They are founts of imagination and funny observations, so all you need to do is follow their lead!  

The Sense of Adventure 

Finally, a sense of adventure! Planning is for BEFORE the trip. Once you are on it, everything will go a lot more smoothly if you can commit to the moment and go with the flow. 

Camping is a great way to connect with nature, so you and your family will really benefit from keeping your eyes and your hearts wide open to catch those spontaneous moments. Allow the birds of the forest, a sunbeam on a flower, and the soothing lap of water delight you and your kids. 

What are your favorite camping memories? Any must-dos you'd recommend to other parents? Leave your comments below! 

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