Fun Brain Teasers

We at Kindhood HQ are moving people. We love running through waves, wiggling our toes in the sand, and exercising our bodies. 

We also know how important it is to exercise our brains

It is super easy and even more fun to incorporate brain games into the lives of your kids. So whether you are stuck inside on a rainy day, commuting to the beach, or waiting for the school bus, here are some go-to brain games for your family . . .

License Plate Game

When you are on the road, the License Plate Game is a great way to focus your kid's attention on processing their environment and stretching their mental skills. 

You can adapt the rules based on their current capabilities. If they only know shapes, have them search for circles and crosses on license plates. Once they know their alphabet, everyone in the car can unite in finding every letter of the alphabet IN ORDER. When you get to Z, you all cheer!  

Hitch Hitch

Hitch Hitch is the next evolution of the license plate, and it is great for those suuuppppeeeerrrr long car rides. 

Instead of focusing on license plates, Hitch Hitch involves everything outside the car - restaurants, colors, other cars, people, and so on. Starting with the letter A and moving in order to Z, contestants in the game must "Hitch Hitch" things that start with that letter. For example, "Hitch Hitch an Applebee's!" "Hitch Hitch a blue sign!" "Hitch Hitch a car!" 

This game works multiple areas of their brain, and it keeps their minds occupied for long parts of a ride. Develop your little one's teamwork skills by having the whole car work together! Alternatively, you can develop their competitive and sportsmanship skills by splitting the car into "left side" and "right side" and racing to the end of the alphabet. 

Disappearing Game 

The Disappearing Game is a great way to work on your child's memory and object permanence skills! Plus, you get to be a magician!

You simply collect a handful of items, like stuffed animals or different cups, and line them up in front of your child. Then you cover all of them with a blanket and secretly remove one of the items. After you remove the blanket (with flair!), your child has to remember which toy has disappeared! 

Word Circle

Circle the Word is like always having your own personal Word Search. All you need is an expendable magazine and a pen / pencil.

After scanning the page, write a word at the top of the page and instruct your child to circle it every time it appears on the page. We recommend starting with the word "the" if you need it to take extra time. 

This game is especially good for waiting rooms and grocery cart checkout lines! 

Stories with Holes

Stories with Holes is a great game for helping your older kids develop their critical thinking skills and for channeling their endless questions. 

Using prompts you can find for free online or buy in books, you share the story . . . but it is missing all the context! The best one to start with is: "The man was afraid to go home because the man with the mask was there." 

By asking Yes or No Questions, your kids will slowly learn more and more about the situation until they fill in the holes in the story! [SPOILER: the men are playing baseball! The man in the bask is the catcher at home base]

What are your favorite brain teasers for kids? Share in the comments below! 


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