Highlight On: Strands!

Oh my Strands! We love this design!

With its decisive lines, dangling tassels, and cool vibe, we find ourselves asking - does it come in adult sizes yet?!? (Kids get all the best stuff!) 

While your kids twirl across the beach in their fashionable attire, you can rest comfortably knowing that our bamboo cotton fabric is blocking 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Bamboo is also a hollow microfiber, meaning Kindhood’s poncho towels are warm yet breathable. Your sweeties will only look cool as they comfortably hunt for the best seashell or build a sandcastle. 

Best of all, like all our designs, Strands comes with a pocket to store all the treasures of the day, ensuring no special toy is stranded. 

For every eldest who still thinks they’re cool is a little sibling waiting to surpass them by middle school. Help your infant fulfill their destiny sooner with a matching Strands infant towel! 
Shop our Strands look and more here! 

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