Kindhood Celebrates YOU

Dear Moms, 

You're amazing.
We believe in you, and we know all the ways you pour into your family. Mother's Day is a day for your family to pour back into you and to fill up your cup.
Life can be messy, though, so if things out of your control happen, don't forget that it is ALSO a day to choose kindness for yourself.
Let's chat about ways you can gift yourself kindness on Mother's Day.

Be kind to your body

At Kindhood, we're kind of obsessed with conservation. We focus on conservation of water and all our natural resources. 

We're obsessed with it because we value sustainability. 

What's important for the planet, is also important for you. You are a human. You have a physical body. That's MARVELOUS.

When your amazing body is tired or hungry or just needs a good stretch, remember your physical investment is what allows you to do everything else in your life. If you have the time and space, give yourself permission to pamper.

Take a bubbly bath! Wear the face mask! Put on the fancy dress (even if you are staying home)! 

Be kind to your mind

Your brain is constantly juggling the needs of your family. Remember to turn those considerable powers onto yourself!
What do YOU need to reset, restore, and revitalize?
Meditation is an easy way to start relaxing. At its most basic, you just need to focus on the sound and flow of your own breath. To make a more peaceful experience, you can consider sitting outside and listening to nature, or using an app for a guided meditation series. 
Or if sitting still stresses you out, then you could try playing fun music, a podcast episode, or an audio book so you can move around while also letting your mind refocus and unwind. 
This Mother's Day, say yes to you, whatever that looks like. 

Be kind to your heart 

While your kids are celebrating you, you'll probably be reminded of your own relationship with your mother. 
And no matter what that feels like, be kind. 
Some of us have fulfilling and beautiful relationships with our mothers. Others have strained or broken relationships. Many have a mixed dynamic with their moms, with the balance of good and difficult shifting with the times. And still others are grieving a terrible loss.
Whether reminiscing about your childhood makes you feel great, sad, horrible, happy, empty, or full of grief, be gentle and accepting of your own heart. 
The truth is, motherhood is full of both joy and challenges. Whatever example your own mom set for you, you are paving your own path day by day. Do it authentically and with love for your past, current, and future self.

Choose FUN

Whether you have a good plan, a ruined plan, or no plan at all, lean into all the messy and fun parts of the day! 

Laugh loudly, smile brightly, eat that extra piece of chocolate, and walk with a spring in your step.  

Today is a day to model radical self-love to your kids and to accept the love and gratitude from those in your life. 




P.S. Moms, we love you! In The Kind Pages, we are always thinking of you, the dads, and the kids. Check out our other articles for advice on fun, activities, and safety. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for more kind kid tips. 



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