Kindhood Beach Activities 

The temperatures are rising, and those summer days are just around the corner. 

While it may be suuuuppeeer tempting to stay inside with the cool AC, it is absolutely worth the effort to get to the beach. 

Not only are beach days inherently magical (it's the law), but they also are the perfect location to create magical memories. We at Kindhood have three amazingly fanastical ideas to help transform those beach days into stories you'll tell for years to come . . . 

Merfolk and Pirates 

Whenever you have a group of kids, you need games with teams! We've got you. 

The ocean provides a fun and interactive gameboard. 

There are two teams: merfolk and pirates. 

Merfolk can dive under water and pretend to make the waves come and crash.

Pirates must keep their heads above water at all times; but they get to take their "boats" on the waves and ship to the shore. 

The best part of this game?

Anyone can switch teams at any time! 

Sandy Moats 

The keys to this one are distance and timing. 
You must build the moats as the tide is coming in. If you are fast enough, you can get the moats just deep enough to fill in spectacular fashion as the water cascades upon the beach. 
If you have tiny boats or floating items, you can throw them into the moat beforehand to watch them float around and around and around. 

As a final touch, declare your little ones kings and queens of the sandy castle. With the wave of their sandy hands, they can create laws for the water fairies and wind spirits who inhabit their land. 

Magical Duels

All good things must come to an end, but endings don't have to be boring. 
If you use a hooded towel, like one of our Kindhood ponchos, the kids can keep moving as they dry off and get ready for the drive home. 
While they are drying, they can grab any shells or sticks. With you as the referee, they can cast magical spells at one another (no scary curses!) and run around dodging to their hearts' content. 
By the time they are dried off enough to get in the car, they will also be exhausted from their magical duels. So the real winner here is you with your quiet car ride home. Even wizards needs to sleep. 


Whether you go for ten minutes or three hours, all you need for a good beach day is an active imagination and a sense of fun. 

As always, Kindhood is committed to helping you come up with fun memories to create kind childhoods. We'll keep you moving, and you keep making memories. 



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