A Day of Remembrance

If you are here, and have someone in your life you've lost in the armed forces, we want to thank you, and tell you how much we honor their lives and their service.

We know that the young generation is where our hope and legacy lie in fostering the values of service, honor, civic responsibility, and freedom. Kindness in our thoughts, our words, and our actions make all the difference in helping these values spring to life and embed in their little hearts and brains.


As we remember our fallen heroes, we can't help but think of our friends in Ukraine who are fighting for their own freedom, and looking at a home country torn apart, still under threat, needing rebuilding.

Kindhood The Sunshine Pin to benefit Ukraine during the war, via donations to UNICEF

We are currently hosting a campaign to donate money to UNICEF to support those families. We encourage you to donate straight to UNICEF, or an organization of your choice. Want something to remind you of Ukrainians?

Our Sunflower Pin is how we are remembering: with each purchase, Kindhood is donating $10 to UNICEF. 

No matter how you are celebrating and remembering today, we thank you for being here, and for moving kindness forward 🌻

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