GUYS! Oh MAN are we excited to announce that we have a BRAND NEW DESIGN in our shop right now TODAY! Oh boy oh boy oh boy it's a surprise we've been holding in and bursting at the seems--this new design has been YEARS in the making! We started on the journey of expanding our collection last year, but with allll the things going on in the world, and in manufacturing specifically, it has been over 12 months from ruminating on adding a new design, to proudly presenting it to you today. Whew. What a journey!

We're dying. We are just are so excited. We are so proud. We are so full of joy. It's just too much happy! Without further ado, please meet our newest member: 


SO HANDSOME, RIGHT?! Already, Dunes is a crowd favorite. Kindhood had an intimate little pop up shop in our town where Kindhood HQ lives, and people LOVED Dunes. Right away, Dunes slipped into neutral perfection territory with Raya and Aliso, and it just may be that we have a new contender for top design on our hands. Not that we like to play favorites, as all of these designs are just. so. good. But come on, look at it--Dunes! You pretty!

But seriously, can you even?! It's those sweet, simple lines for us. The perfect grey that's almost blue. Those fresh, light white tassels. It's just all so good.

This design actually was included in with the original set, but it's time is now. Finally, we're able to bring through production, and to you! 

And yeah...we've got the infant towel to match. You're welcome, family beach trip, you just got chic yet understated. 

Shop Dunes and it's older siblings here

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