Our Giving Tuesday Campaign

You love Thanksgiving. You either thrive or hide on Black Friday. But have you heard of Giving Tuesday? 

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement. It is a day for us to carry the gratitude we feel on Thanksgiving into actionable expression.

Kindhood is joining hands with you, our fellow water people, to give back to the ocean. For Giving Tuesday, we will donate 15% of every poncho purchase from November 25th-30th on Black Friday to a wonderful organization called Ocean Conservancy.


For more than forty years, the Ocean Conservancy has protected the ocean from man-made global challenges. Using science and collaborating with government, they create sustainable solutions for the healthy oceans that all life needs. 

From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico, the Ocean Conservancy advocates for science-driven policy to champion innovative solutions in the ongoing battle for a sustainable ocean. 

Our donations to them will fund their many projects, helping them to do the following: 

KEEP the SEAS TRASH FREE. They petition Congress to pass the REDUCE Act. The act targets new single use plastics, creating an incentive for companies to recycle. They also spearhead the annual International Coastal Cleanup to remove pollution already cluttering our world.  
PROTECT MANATEES. More Florida manatees died in 2021 than any other recorded year. Funding will go towards researching the causes and how to conserve the manatee population. 
PROTECT the COASTS. They fund projects that focus on coastal restoration, climate change, and emission free ports.  
CREATE SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES. They create better outcomes for fish, oceanic ecosystem, and fishery communities. They do so by taking the insights of fishermen, findings of scientists, and talents of managers to craft big picture policies. 

Every Kindhood poncho purchased on November 25th-30th is a choice to give back to the waters we all need and love. 


Your Kindhood poncho gives your kids freedom to run, fun in the sun, a warm embrace, and a handy pocket for all their treasures.

With a 70/30 bamboo and cotton blend fabric, they will quickly dry the salty seawater while also protecting them from an additional 97.5% of harmful UV rays.  

With Kindhood, you don't have to choose. You can get the great Black Friday deals (15% off your entire purchase!) and donate on Giving Tuesday.

Give your kids the freedom they need while protecting the ocean you both love.

Kindhood. Kindly Made for You.

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