Hey, you! We are so thankful for you!


Here at Kindhood HQ, we are exploding with gratitude. Started making a list of everything we are thankful for, and we just keep thinking of things to add!

Every day, we are grateful for the chance to share these ponchos, that mean SO MUCH to us, WITH YOU!

We didn't think we could have a more meaningful holiday season after all the ways we've been able to partner with companies, or after all the ways we've connected with you through social media about these ponchos, and about your kids, and about your lives. And not to mention the gift of everyday we are experiencing, and in such good community! But like the sweetest cherry on top, we got our restock weeks earlier than we were anticipating...

You have stuck with us through a long year of waiting for our restock, and man did we face productions delays! We still can't figure out how (after production finally wrapped!) our ponchos managed to get through customs at warp speed with everything going on. Regardless, we are so grateful. And we're so grateful that you trust our brand and our product enough to shop with us.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! We wish you the sweetest, tenderest of moments with your littles, your family, your friends on this holiday. Keep kindness moving, loves.

XO, Kindhood

Our Black Friday sale has started today and runs through Giving Tuesday! Take 15% off your entire order, and we are donating 15% more of every order to the Ocean Conservancy!






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