Women and the World

Here at Kindhood, we love supporting parents as they raise the next generation of world-changers! 

Today is International Women's Day, when we celebrate the women who shaped our world as it is today. Kindhood HQ gathered to share our thoughts about impactful women with you! 


My StepMom impacted me in a meaningful way. She joined our large family after my mother passed away. She was intentional about supporting my Dad and loving his family as her own.  Even now after 25 years and my Dad has now passed, she remains a consistent support and encouragement to me, not because she has to, but because she chose to. 


A former boss taught me so much about pairing self awareness & action for personal empowerment, forward progress in my work, & in building healthy relationships. Women are magical when it comes to marrying our heads & hearts to be passionate & powerful!


Most of my role models growing up were tucked into the pages of my books. As I explored more of the world, I was impressed at how women face their own metaphorical dragons more fiercely than the characters of my youth. Women are so strong when they are protecting something!

We also believe in showing appreciation, and we love sharing tips on how to cultivate respect for women in your kids! Sarah also shared how she commemorates women in her everyday life:

"I like to give affirmations, whether just by telling them, or through notes, cards and gifts. Letting them know they are appreciated is really important."
"A small gesture is better than a grand intention."

Today, we at Kindhood are affirming the contributions of one particular woman to our planet and our oceans. Without further ado, Kindhood presents .... (drumrolll, please): 

Rachel Carson!

Rachel Carson (1907-1964) was a fellow water-lover. Her mother helped her develop a deep love of nature that would shape the rest of her life. 

Rachel focused on the world she loved, writing books about nature, researching as a marine scientist, and becoming a political activist.

She believed that humans are just one part of nature, but with the power to change it. With that power comes a responsibility to care for our world carefully.

Through her writings on the ocean and wildlife, Rachel became a trusted voice in the environmental movement that is still ongoing today. She always spoke the truth, even when it was risky to her career. Her efforts are part of the reason we no longer use DDT as pest control, and also why we are in love with the sea. 

Rachel changed the world, but it started with her parents cultivating a love of nature. Her story shows how waves of kindness can reshape the world. 

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