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Hey Friend! Welcome to The Kind Pages, Kindhood's Blog for all things water play, cozy baths, and parenting. We are committed to making childhood kinder and magical.

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Kindhood Poncho Towels for Pool


Kindhood Is Kindness

Above else, we are motivated by kindness here at Kindhood HQ: infusing kindness into raising these kiddos and into being kind to ourselves, our friends, and our earth. We want the coziest towels for bath time, and we want those equipment-heavy beach trips to be a little kinder to your back. Kindness: keep it moving!

kindhood trestles print

Kindhood Is Hooded Towels

Ok, but have you seen our shop?! These hooded poncho towels and infant towels are THE. BEST. and oh so cute. Coming in at $42 for the poncho and $24 for the infant towel, our super-soft, antimicrobial, and bamboo cotton fabrics are thick enough to be super warming, breathable to keep kids cool in the sun, and conveniently wearable to the beach or lake. Shop all of our Cali-inspired designs here.


kindhood trestles print


Kindhood is Water Conservation.

Launched this year, our Water Conservation Campaign is our new focus to be a part of something larger, to give back, and to leave our mark on the world for better. Our goal? To save water, to use water intelligently, and to make the world better for our kids and future generations. Read all about this campaign here.


Kindhood Hooded Poncho Towels Blue Pink

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