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Meet Kenai - a maximalist design done for simpler childhood!

WOW do we adore this adventurous design. We don't need a map to know this design lives in our hearts. But if we did, Kenai would help us find the way! 

Our most fall-forward design is Kenai, sure to give that perfect fall aesthetic for all your camping needs all through Autumn. Instead of packing heavy duty towels that will drag on the campground floor and collect every pine needle there is, Kindhood Hooded Poncho Towels stay up off the ground, keep your kid dry, cozy, cute, and able to run from lake to tent to hiking to bonfire. It's perfect hiking and camping addition for fall.

little girl playing in the sand wearing kindhood hooded poncho towel in kenai print

Kenai is Hundred Acre Woods meets Neverland. 

Whether your little one wanders through nature like a curious bumblebee or stalks through it purposefully with a mission, Kenai is there to keep them dry, cozy, and moving in the right direction. Lighten the load on your fall vacation packing, Mama, and grab this Kindhood.

Kenai ponchos feature the cardinal directions, map lines, and trees drawn in our woodsy brown font. They give your little ones plenty of freedom to move around the trunks of trees and up and down the trail, while also providing additional UV protection with our signature bamboo and cotton fabric. Finally, we made sure it has a pocket big enough to hold any treasure your little heroes find where "X marks the spot."

For every big kid poncho, we also need a matching set for little brothers and sisters! We have this design in XS-L to keep your teeny-tinies fashionable and warm after a day of fun. 

These ponchos last for YEARS--meaning get ready to hand it down to younger siblings or cousins, creating a sweet new family tradition, and reducing that footprint and consumption in a real, tangible way.

little girl standing on the beach in front of a fire pit wearing kindhood hooded poncho towel in kenai design

Shop our Kenai look here and here in the Kindhood Collection!

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