🏝️Maui is in our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers. We know that actions speak loudest and are needed most. So we have been considering, planning, and working to pitch in. 

We feel small in the face of such loss, and yet each of us pitching and helping in to share the offerings we can makes a big impact.

Our first step is to donate 10% of all sales of Aliso ponchos and infant towel to Maui relief efforts. We will be donating these proceeds to Hawai'i Community Foundation. This campaign will run through the end of October.

We will also be looking at other avenues to continue to support the Maui community, one of which will be to help spread the word on what is most helpful, and to help keep this front of mind when the initial focus has started to fade.

We are so inspired by our community and all the ways we see you showing up for your neighbors, messaging and commenting to encourage support as well as to ask how to help. These fires in Maui and across the globe are horrific, and are juxtaposed by the bright light that is humanity’s love and compassion.

Keep Kindness Moving 💖

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