Creative Valentine Crafts for Littles

Valentine's Day is almost here! With it comes the anticipation of chocolate, flowers, and preemptive dentist appointments.

If your kids are too young to insist on a Single's Appreciation Day, you get to pour all your energy into showering them with love. If you're extra intentional, you can also help them express their creativity and empathy.

We have five easy crafts for your creative and kind kids! 

1 - Become Kings and Queens of Love

Pipe cleaners can be twisted into magic wands and glorious crowns. You can also cut heart shapes out of construction paper and glue them onto your royal creations.  

Once your little ruler is dressed for court, ask them to pass Love Rules for the day. For example, they can dictate that everyone must receive a hug when they enter the living room or say "I love you!" when they stand up! Whatever they decide, everyone has to follow the rule until bedtime. 

2 - Create Handwritten Valentine Notes

If you want to sneak some extra handwriting practice into your kids' day, ask them to create Valentine's cards for their classmates from scratch.

They will burn extra energy, hone their creative skills, and practice being kind to everyone - not just their BFF. Bonus points if you have your future CEO make their own design to "brand" their notes! 

3 - Design Jewelry You Can EAT

This simple craft is the gift that keeps on giving! With a handful of Fruit Loops and a pipe cleaner, you can make bracelets and rings that LOOK cute and TASTE even better.

Simply string the circular cereal onto the pipe cleaner, then twist into watches, jewelry, rings, and necklaces. Since the snacks are portable, you can leave the chip bag at home on your next trip to the park!  

4 - Make a Loooovveeee Chain

For this craft, you start by cutting construction paper into fourteen (14) thin rectangles. Then your child can write a compliment on each one to someone in the family! 

Glue the first rectangle into a loop. Then thread the next rectangle through the loop, and glue it into a circle, and so on and so forth.

Once it's complete, hang it in a fun place in your house. Then once per day until Valentine's Day, you unravel a compliment and read it out loud! For Best Parent Points, make a Love Chain for your child, too, so they can receive affirmations while they give them. 

5 - Exchange Letters and Sweets

Buy tiny mailboxes (or decorate and make your own) to teach your children thoughtfulness! 

Every time you leave a note or treat inside for them, they have to "send" you one in return. Exchange candy, notes, tiny hearts, and special rocks this way throughout the month. This will teach your kids that it's fun to return kindness!

Finally, try to make the most of this craft time! It can be a great bonding experience, and the love you share will flow into the final products. 

Crafts can get messy, though! As always, you can rely on our Kindhood ponchos to dry your little ones off after bath time. 

Crafting with Kindhood-Valentine's Day

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